Veteran SS

SS was referred to Veterans in Crisis Sunderland by Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG). The next day, Ger Fowler, Project Lead, met him for a preliminary conversation. SS was very nervous: his relationship had broken down, he was out of work, and he had some mental health problems and in debt. He had just received a court summons for non-payment of Council tax.

SS attended our weekly meeting at Sunderland’s Fans Museum two days later. Nervous at first, he opened up after an hour; he enjoyed being around other veterans who understood how he felt. Many of them also had similar experiences.

Ger rang SS every day to see how he was doing, helped sort out his medication and an appointment with the doctor. He became a regular at the weekly meetings and began to feel much more positive.

SS trained as a chef before his breakdown. Ger heard of a position, bought him a suit with help from for the Sunderland Armed Forces Network for the interview. SS got the job. Within three weeks of contacting us, he has a new circle of friends, a great job, and his life is back on track.